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Army Responsible for Deaths at Rathupaswela: SLHRC

( Army on the rampage in Rathupaswela)

Investigations conducted by the Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission had revealed that the Sri Lanka Army was responsible for the shooting and assaults that took place while dispersing the crowd at Rathupaswela.

The incidents occurred on August 1, 2013. Three persons including two students were shot and killed by the army, and more than 37 were injured in the melee.

There had been contradictory evidence regarding the person responsible for summoning the army, the commission said. Tear gas and water cannon had been used by the army to disperse the crowd. It had been established that the protestors did not carry firearms.

After a lengthy investigation, the Human Rights Commission said that the army should conduct proper inquiries against the senior officers and commanding officers who participated in dispersing the protestors in Weliveriya and Belummahara. (Tharindu Jayawardene and Deepa Adikari)


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