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Appoinment of Military Governor: President Rajapaksa broken his promis to CM Vigneshwaran

The Northern Province Chief Minister Vikneswaran is accusing the president for the extension of the Governor Chandrasiri’s term of office as the violation of his assurance ensured by him.
The Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Vikneswaran severely condemned the President for re-installation of the G.A. Chandrasiri as the Governor of Northern Province once again. This he had termed it as the violation of the pledge made by the President.

He had accused by saying this shows as for as the relationship with the Tamil Communities are concerned, the ruling party government does not want to function united, but to function with the leadership of a Military Chief, that is its prime notion.
The Northern Province Chief Minster C.V. Vikneswaran thoroughly opposed the reinstallation of Chandrasiri as the Governor of Northern Province once again by the President Mahinda Rajapaksa and made the above statements by severely condemning the president for not keeping up his commitment and promises given by him.
With regard to this Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Vikneswaran has said further, “With regard to the appointment of the New Governor for the Northern Province, on 2nd of January 2014, the President Mahinda Rajapaksa has given me an assurance and promise that the moment the tenure of office of Chandrasiri comes to an end, a new Governor would be appointed at the Northern Province and he would be a person without a Military back-ground and he would be a person with a civilian-back ground only. But the President has eventually re-appointed the same old Governor, who is with the military back-ground.
The President must have searched for an Officer from his official rank, who would follow his commands blindly, and found the suitable officer for that purpose eventually. Chandrasiri was expecting to join with his family in Australia after his retirement, but since he has to obey the commands of the president, now he has no other go but to accept the president’s offer.
This incident proves the violation of the President’s pledge. C.V. Vikneswaran has said, “this shows that the ruling party government is not willing to work united with the Tamil Community and as for as the relationship with the Srilankan Tamils are concerned, to offer a Military leadership to monitor their presence always”.

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