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Any amendment to election laws should include abolishment of executive presidency – JVP

The government hiding behind the public opposition to the preferential voting system is attempting to bring in an amendment to local government election laws, the real degeneration of the political culture in the country cannot be stopped by passing election acts and any amendment regarding election laws should be connected with the abolishing of the executive presidency says the Leader of the group of JVP Parliamentarians Anura Dissanayake.

Speaking at a media conference held at the party head office today (8th) Mr. Dissanayake said the proportional election system was introduced to the country with the open economic policy that was forced on the country in 1977 and the executive presidency that was introduced with this system could be defined as the twin brother of open economic system. Hence, one system cannot be preserved when the other is abolished said Mr. Dissanayake adding that any amendment to this law should include abolishing of the executive presidency.

Mr. Dissanayake revealed that the local government elections bill the government hopes to bring in provides 70% of the seats to the party that gets 51% of the votes and the party that gets 49% would get only 30% which is a distorted result. Also, candidates from political parties have to deposit Rs.5000 each while an independent candidate has to deposit Rs.20000 for his candidature he pointed out.  Accordingly, a political party would have to deposit a minimum amount of Rs.32.5 million and such a vast sum of money could be deposited only by the two parties that protect members of the underworld and racketeers who engage in illegal dealings he said. He pointed out that the political culture has been wrecked due to those who have entered politics to protect their rackets.

He said proportional system, despite having many weaknesses expresses voters’ viewpoint and this should not be replaced by a system that would intensify crises. What should be done is to introduce a system that would reflect people’s viewpoint, that protects democracy in the Parliament and local government councils and that does not be cowed by the executive presidency.

He said the JVP would work against the local government election  bill that allows executive presidency and would do everything to defeat the schemes of the government.



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