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.Annual report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights 2012 on Sri Lanka

27…… In September, an OHCHR mission visited Sri Lanka to explore possible areas of cooperation.
64. In November 2012, the Secretary-General released a landmark report on the action of the United Nations in the final months of the war in Sri Lanka in 2009 in relation to its humanitarian and protection mandate. The report concludes that the United Nations system failed to meet its responsibilities, highlighting the role played by the Secretariat, the agencies and programmes, as well as the Security Council and Human Rights Council. The initiative of the Secretary-General is remarkable and the findings and recommendations of the review should allow the whole system to be more responsible, transparent and accountable.
76. The Human Rights Council adopted new resolutions on country situations, requesting OHCHR to report (on Mali, South Sudan, Sri Lanka and Yemen) I will present a written report on this subject to the Council at its twenty-second session.


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