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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

An office assistant at the CBSL receives a basic salary higher than that of an entry-level doctor

Despite the Ministry of Finance recommending against increasing the salaries of government employees due to the ongoing economic crisis, the Monetary Board of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) has decided to increase the salaries and allowances of its employees by 27% – 70%. Employees of the CBSL receive remarkably high salaries compared to similar top government positions.

1. An Office Assistant (KKS) at the CBSL receives a basic salary that is higher than that of an entry-level doctor (not an intern).

2. Key revenue-generating positions within the government, such as Customs officers, IRD Assessors, and Excise Inspectors, are filled by degree holders through a competitive exam. These officers have to work for years to reach the entry-level OA1 basic salary of Rs. 55,805 at the CBSL.

3. In the Customs and Excise departments, it could take decades, or in some cases, employees may not reach a salary level comparable to the CBSL’s entry-level OA1 position until retirement.

The parallel entry-level position (after training) at the CBSL, the SO 1 Staff Class Grade 1, draws a salary 4x to 6x times higher than the parallel positions in key revenue-generating government departments. Basic salary: Rs. 296,280; Gross salary: Rs. 514,417. While CBSL salaries appear high, they are essentially the industry norm.

All these individuals belong to the same social class, possess the same educational qualifications, and work for the government. So, the difference in salary must come from one source or another, and this disparity is one of the biggest drivers of exodus & corruption in Sri Lanka.

(Numbers.lk @numberslka)


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