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An individual who refused to give ‘kappam’ for function attended by President’s wife killed

An individual who did not give extortion money for decorations towards a function attended by President’s wife had been abducted by the white Van and murdered , according to reports reaching Lanka e news. The victim is 37 year old Waniganetti milth Niroshan , a married person with two children residing at Attanagalla road, Nittambuwa.

A group of individuals who arrived at the victim’s house yesterday (17) night at about 2,00 had claimed that they are from the police and got the door of the house opened . After forcibly taking Milth Niroshan who was woken up into the Van , the latter had fled at lightning speed. Later his body was discovered this noon at a Rubber estate , Galbamma district , close to Ruwanwella junction.

The victim whose hands had been tied behind was having two T 56 gunshot injuries on his head. At the moment the remains are in the Avisawella hospital mortuary.

His wife has complained to the Nittambuwa police regarding this abduction.

Based on the stories of the residents of the area , the grounds for the murder are as follows :

 Shiranthee Rajapakse , the wife of the President had attended a function held at Watupitiwala , Attanagala yesterday . In this connection , Sarana Gunawardena , Deputy Minister the notorious extortionist had been collecting funds via extortion means. The amount of money so collected was Rs. 15 lakhs. The deceased Niroshan is a staunch UNP supporter engaged in business. His whole family are strong UNP supporters. When funds were demanded from him by Sarana , he had categorically refused. On the following day , he had been abducted and killed.

Previously too the victim had also been harassed by Sarana getting him remanded after planting a hand grenade



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