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All abductions, disappearances and murders are carried out according to the needs of the government – Tissa Attanayake

UNP General Secretary Parliamentarian Tissa Attanayake stated that although the government tries to frame various stories to cover up the recent attempt to abduct the Chairman of the Kolonnawa Urban Council, in a white van in broad daylight, the incident clearly shows that the white van culture is still prevalent in the country. Speaking at yesterday’s media briefing he also had this to say.

The 3rd protest under the series of protests organized by the Oppositions Opposition movement headed by the UNP would be held in Hatton, Nuwara-eliya at 3.30 PM today(14).

It must be said that this protest campaign has been launched demanding the immediate withdrawal of the suppressive agenda carried out by the government which is harming democracy and to reinstate law and order, to reduce prices of goods, provide immediate relief to the public and to increase salaries of employees.

The 4th protest will be held in Kandy.

The white van culture is not only a threat to Journalists and opposition party politicians but is now threatening even activists of the government itself, which is an indication of the precarious and dictatorial rule faced by the country at present.

Through the statement made by the Military spokesperson that Army personnel had gone to the Kolonnawa urban council limits in a white van clarifies the fact that the government has accepted responsibility for the incident.

Since the government has clearly accepted the responsibility of having attempted to abduct the Chairman of the Kolonnawa Urban council, steps should be taken to carry out an extensive investigation in to the incident.

The government has not thought even for a minute about the disgrace that would be brought to the country through such acts at a time alleged human rights violations in Sri Lanka are being discussed in Geneva, Switzerland.

Before this, the brother of the Chairman of the Kolonnawa Urban Council was also abducted and no details have been revealed with regard to his whereabouts to date.

The police has found weapons and masks that were in the white van that was taken in to police custody in which these army personnel who are said to have been in civil attire were travelling in.

A highest official in the Defence force has prevented the details of this white van from being noted down in police records and the OIC of the Police station which arrested the group of persons and the white van has been transferred to the Police headquarters.

These are all done by the government.

If the government doesn’t do justice to the Chairman of the Urban Council who is a member of the government itself, what fate would be faced by the general public?

Courtesy: UNP Media


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