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A/L exams lost its credibility: FUTA

(Lakna Paranamanna) The 2011 A/L results fiasco has violated the credibility and high standards maintained during the examination throughout the years, university academics said expressing their grave concern over the controversy.

Expressing their concern over the complications and errors reported concerning the A/L results, Federation of University Teachers Association (FUTA) President Dr. Ranjith Nirmal Dewasiri said the flaws have not only deteriorated the standards and confidence in the A/L examination but concerning the total examination system in the country.

“Losing faith and confidence in the examination system is not a simple matter, it is in fact a grave situation,” he said.

Dr. Dewasiri also noted that the government and responsible authorities, instead of rectifying the flaws were quick to criticize the teachers’ and student unions that pointed out the errors.

 “Through their statements they have described the issue as a minor matter. Ideally, the government should have taken steps to probe into the issue and rectify the errors, instead of making statements on ‘conspiracy theories’ and criticisms,” Dr. Dewasiri pointed out.

Speaking further he said that the crisis has only further highlighted the inefficient and irresponsible state of state institutions and added the government should be taking measures to ensure that such flaws do not recur.

(Ceylon Today Online)


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