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AKD promises a multi-community Government

NPP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake 

  • Highlights importance of including Tamil leaders who promote unity in governance of SL 
  • Says important to isolate racist elements and liberate Tamil community from such harmful ideologies
  • Emphasises necessity of a Govt. that rejects racism and incorporates leaders from all communities 
  • Assures an NPP Govt. will first ensure food, health and education needs of people

The National People’s Party (NPP) Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake over the weekend emphasised the importance of bringing together Tamil leaders who promote unity into the governance of the country.

“There are Tamil leaders advocating for unity who are inclusive and free from extremism and racism. It’s crucial to gather these voices. If there are instances of Tamil racism in the north, it’s important to isolate those responsible and liberate the Tamil community from such harmful ideologies. Similar actions have been taken in the south,” he said addressing an NPP party Vavuniya district summit.

Dissanayake visited the North over the weekend, where he addressed two fully packed public meetings in Vavuniya and Kilinochchi.

The NPP leader advocated for a new kind of politics aimed at advancing the nation, emphasising the necessity of a government that rejects racism and incorporates leaders from the Sinhalese, Tamil, and Muslim communities. “We have fought amongst ourselves. We have waged war against each other. Should our children face the same destiny? It must be prevented,” he asserted.

He urged the people to support the NPP in forming a Government that encompasses the Sinhalese, Tamils in the North, estate communities, and the communities in the East. “Forming a Government solely with the people from the South serves no purpose. We must establish a Government that garners the backing of people from the east, north, and central highlands, fostering unity. Let’s construct a novel model of governance that unifies all citizens under one banner. Governments that foster separatism and propagate racism cannot resolve this issue. National unity is indispensable for building our country,” he said.

Dissanayake clarified that the NPP’s invitation does not include promises to implement a federal system or the 13th Amendment Plus. “That would be a transaction, a business deal. The politics we engage in is not transactional; it is a covenant between us and the people,” he emphasised.

He said an NPP Government will ensure the protection and safety of the entire populace. Dissanayake proposed forming a Government that ensures the safety of all citizens, regardless of their location, language, religion, or cultural background. “The safety of the Sinhalese in the North and the Tamils in the South must be assured,” he said.

The NPP leader emphasised the importance of citizens being able to engage with the Government in their respective mother tongue, alongside the assurance of the freedom to practise one’s religion. “We must not allow racism to resurface,” he asserted, acknowledging the presence of racist groups in both the North and South.

Dissanayake also underscored the significance of eliminating corruption and inefficiency to rejuvenate the country. “Recently, the Air Force organised an Air Tattoo show in Jaffna. The Deputy Minister of Defence, Security Advisor, Chief of Defence Staff General Shavendra Silva, and Defence Secretary Kamal Gunaratne all travelled from Colombo to Jaffna in helicopters at different times to attend it. These leaders are squandering public funds. Can such rulers truly address the issues facing our country?” he questioned.

Dissanayake stressed that only an NPP Government will take action against the corrupt and ensure fairness and justice for all.

The NPP leader said once the NPP comes into power, it will first ensure food, health and education needs of the people. He called on the farmers of the North to increase agriculture production and assured the NPP will provide a stable irrigation system, lands and a fair price for their produce. “We will usher in a new era of transformation in agriculture,” he said.

The NPP leader highlighted a significant revival in the South and urged the people of the North not to miss the opportunity to usher in political change in Sri Lanka.

“We rely solely on the strength of the people supporting us. Even if our opponents offer rice and roofing sheets, accept them, as it’s just a fraction of what they’ve taken from you. But accept them and support the compass. People comprehend this political reality now. Many here today are listening to the NPP for the first time. Don’t miss this opportunity. Let’s collaborate to bring in a new Government by October,” he urged.

The party will hold another district conference in Jaffna on 4 April.

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