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Acute Shortage of Medicos in Jaffna

Recent statistics issued by the Jaffna District Secretariat shows that there is a shortage of specialists and doctors in hospitals in the entire Jaffna Peninsula. Apparently the hospitals need 104 specialists and 890 doctors. However, there are only 76 specialists and 388 doctors to serve at the hospitals in the Jaffna District.

Proposals and the needs for 2016 have been assessed in the statistical report. The report points out the needs in the health sector of the Jaffna District and a proposal has been made recommending a framework for 2016-2018.

If hospitals in the Jaffna District are to provide adequate services, there is a need for a reasonable health sector work force. Thus the health sector needs 104 specialists, 890 doctors, 37 dentists, 1,817 nurses, 180 medical assistants, 345 midwives, 1,017 minor staff members and 417 technicians.

However, only 76 specialists, 388 doctors, 26 dentists, 633 nurses, 95 medical assistants, 222 midwives, 631 minor staff members and 331 technicians are currently serving in the health sector in the entire Jaffna District.

Therefore some 28 specialists, 502 doctors, 11 dentists, 1,184 nurses, 85 medical assistants, 123 midwives, 386 minor staff members and 84 technicians will be needed to meet the estimated demand for the entire Jaffna District.
Apart from the above,

Rs 1,200 M to develop the maternity wards, Rs 448 M for cardiology wards, Rs 600 M for the nurses’ hostel and Rs 110 M for the expansion of laboratories are required to be allocated to the Jaffna Teaching Hospital, the report said.



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