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Activists Speak Up Against Police Officer Who Threatened Hiru Journalist

The Puravesi Balaya Organization says that it doubts whether the current police who pose threast on media personnel are also the same old police of Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Convener of the Puravesi Balaya Saman Rathnapriya stated this while commenting on the incident where a senior police officer abused jounalist and threatened them while they were covering a protest march organized by Inter University Students Federation yesterday.

The Inter University Students Federation engaged in a protest march in Colombo yesterday against the police attack on HNDA students and on several other demands including the banning private universities.

The breaking news of the incident revealed a group of students marching towards the Parliament and Hiru media team was positioned near the Japan Friendship Bridge.

Convener of the Free Media Movement Seetha Ranjanee said that police threats on jounalists as well as police attack on HNDA students cannot be approved for any reason whatsoever.

When asked about his comment on the incident, President of the Sri Lanka Working Journalists Association Lasantha Ruhunage said nobody has rights to abuse rights of journalists to engage in their duty despite the time or the place of the incident.

– Hiru News

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