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Abandoned Tamil schools acquired by occupying SL military – TN

Sri Lanka military occupying the country of Eezham Tamils acquires abandoned Tamil schools for converting them into military camps. Occupying military officers are busy in recent days in collecting particulars of the abandoned schools in the Vanni districts as well as in the Vadamaraadchi, Thenmaraadchi and the islands divisions of the Jaffna district. The occupying military has ordered the northern directorate of education to submit particulars of all abandoned schools to facilitate military’s increasing demand for infrastructure facilities. Using the abandoned schools, 30 new military camps are planned in the Jaffna peninsula alone. Occupying military has a particular programme to first intensely militarise and Sinhalicise the islands off the Jaffna peninsula. It makes no secret about it to the Tamils remaining in the islands.

21 Tamil schools are not functioning in the islands off the Jaffna peninsula alone.

Occupying military has reportedly revealed to the EPDP’s paramilitary cadres that since the islands are sparsely populated, the SL Army is planning to bring its families and other Sinhalese to the islands.

The occupying Army has a particular Sinhalicisation programme for the islands since they are the closest to the coast of Tamil Nadu and are militarily important to both New Delhi and Colombo to keep Tamil Nadu under check.

A large number of schools are abandoned in the Vanni districts. They are already functioning as camps for the occupying military and its intelligence units.

Delayed resettlement, demining and refusal to appoint enough teachers are some of the reasons why the schools are abandoned.

Rather than taking efforts to reactivate the schools, genocidal Colombo is keen in converting them into permanent military camps.

The northern province education ministry has made a formal protest to Colombo’s ministry of defence to stop the process of the military acquiring the abandoned schools.

A pioneer institution of traditional education, Arya Dravida Bhasha Abhivritti Sangam, which was conducting Tamil Pundit courses for nearly a century in Jaffna city, was recently taken over by the occupying military to conduct cadet courses for the school children of Jaffna.


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