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A youth who endorsed the views expressed by Fr. Cyril Gamini questioned 5 hours at CID

A Young Person who has endorsed the views expressed by the Spokes Person For the cardinal of Colombo, has been Called to CID for questioning  recently. National Movement For Social Justice believes that such acts is unacceptable in a decent  democracy.

President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, in his address on the 74 th Independent Day dedared that he is Committed to uphold the values of democracy, including freedom of expression, Further, he made the same Commitment to the Secretary General of the United Nations, a few months ago.

Ironically, just 24 hours after the Presidential address, the CID has acted Violation of the Principles mentioned therein.

This incident not only reflects on the neglect on the part of an important government institution.

This incident not only reflects the negligence on the part of an important institution to respect freedom of speed, but also the fact that the policy assurances given by head of state are not upheld by government institutions. Such conduct portrays that,  either there is so much institutional paralysis or the emergence of a totally authoritarian rule that do not respect the essence of democracy.


The negative effects of this kind of conduct are multiple. First, they deprive Citizens of their fundamental rights. Second, they adversely affect the international image of the Country. As a civil organization Committed to democracy and freedom, NMSJ urge all responsible parties to stop such disgraceful violations from repeating and to restore the fundamental rights of the people and the international stature of the country,

Deshabandhu Karu Jayasuriya


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