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A better and just society can only be built on democracy and good governance – JVP Leader

24 May 2011 15:33
The Leader of the JVP Somsawansa Amarasinghe participated at the 5th Asia Riches Forum held in San Men Xia city in China from 18th – 20th May 2011where he made the keynote address .

Addressing the Forum where leaders of the Communist Party of China in Hunan Province too were present Mr. Amarasinghe said a better and more harmonious Asia could be developed on the basis of the Panchaseela principles (Five Principles) laid down at the Bandung Conference of 1955pointing out ‘Panchseela’ remains a valid international law.

He said the ‘Panchaseela’ principles stand for non – aggression non- interference and peaceful co – existence thus providing a practical way in handling relations between big and small countries. He said while it is true that countries with differing political systems must learn to peacefully co– exist with one another, a better and more harmonious and just society can only be built on the principles of democracy and good governance.

Stating that unemployment, poverty, preventable diseases, inequality, exploitation, social injustice are inevitable by-products of present day capitalism and adding that capitalism also produces social development that is unplanned, chaotic and anarchic Mr. Amarasinghe stressed that capitalism needs to be replaced by a planned system designed to meet the needs of human beings and their environment which is socialism. The needs of capital and its owners must be subordinated to the needs of the people as a whole Mr. Amarasinghe added.

The Leader of the JVP said the Socialist Revolution in China immensely contributed to the Development of a better and more harmonious China and added that that People’s Republic of China was a glorious example for Asia and rest of the world.


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