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94 MPs in Sri Lanka parliament has failed O’ level exam, only 25 out of 225 are graduates!

Image: This is how they behave. ( file photo 2011-11-21)

Ninety four MPs have not passed their GEC (O/L) examination while there are only 25  among the 225 legislators in the present Sri Lankan Parliament, former Chancellor of the University of Peradeniya, Prof. M O A de Zoysa has said today.

Parliament is a place that makes laws. Its members should be dignified, with a knowledge of their subjects, logical intelligence and of impeccable conduct. But, we cannot see these qualities in most of the MPs today,” he  has said.”Taxpayers money is being spent for the welfare of all MPs and a Rs. 2500 Special Attendance Allowance, with the luxury meals, are provided to them for one sitting. Therefore, MPs should bear in mind their responsibilities. But, everyday, when parliament meets, JO members disrupt parliament proceedings for about one or two hours. So how can parliament pass laws on behalf of the people and the country? The conduct of certain senior members is not good and it is disgusting.” he has further said.

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