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730 Days of Vilification Ends Today; Justice Grows Near – Shirani A. Bandaranayake

(Dr. Shirani A. Bandaranayake)

The 9th of January marks 2 years since the unjust and unlawful impeachment vote was taken up in Parliament. It is therefore symbolic that the people have voted for a change; a change into good governance, a change into anti-corruption and a change into an independent judiciary. 730 days of vilification ends today. As justice grows near, my fervent wish for this nation and its people is a prosperous future and a compassionate government – one that favours justice over safeguarding the unjust, integrity over corruption and rights of the masses over a minority elite few.

Dr. Shirani A. Bandaranayake,
43rd Chief Justice of the Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka


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