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300 Tamils disappear in Batticaloa during SLA rule, alleges TNA

09 June 2011,
More than three hundred youths of both sexes have been reported disappeared after abduction in the Batticaloa district since the eastern province was brought under the control of the Sri Lanka Army (SLA), said Mr.P. Selvarasa, district Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian
during the debate on the extending the State of Emergency for another month that took place in Sri Lanka’s parliament on Wednesday.
Selvarasa added that murders, abductions, robberies are daily taking place in the Batticaloa district amid the presence of emergency laws which being are renewed monthly.

The illegal activities of unidentified armed gangs in the district are on the increase, inspite of the extension of state of emergency, the MP added.

The TNA MP said he had submitted complaints received from relatives regarding the disappearance of at least 300 youths of both sexes to the police after the Batticaloa district was brought under the control of the Sri Lanka Army.

But not a single person disappeared after abduction has been located, the MP said.

Meanwhile, with the support of the State armed forces lands belonged to Tamil people are being encroached.

The State of Emergency is being implemented to control the illegal activities but all such activities against Tamil people are allowed to take place with the support of the State armed forces, the MP pointed out.


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