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Saturday, December 2, 2023

225 KM march to commemorate Indian Tamils perilous journey to plantations in Sri Lanka

2023 is considered 200 years since Tamils from India were brought to Sri Lanka, then Ceylon, to work in the plantations. Since then the community has contributed immensely to the country in all walks of life, particularly the economy. Their existence in Sri Lanka has been one of continuous struggle.

In line with the overall theme of #Malaiyaham200 a group of us have come together to organise a walk from Thalaimannar to Matale – retracing the path that the first migrants took when they were brought from India and made their way through jungles to the coffee plantation.

The objective of the walk is to reflect and connect. It is also about the future. About the demand of the Malaiyaha community to be recognised as full and equal citizens of Sri Lanka. The walk through the country is also to an opportunity to have a conversation with other communities about our history, struggles and aspirations.

People from different parts of the country are planning to walk 252 KMs over 15 days under the banner of ‘Maanbumigu Malaiyaha Makkal – Malaiyaha People with Dignity’. There are several events organised along the way.

Dates of the march has not been publicised yet.



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