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  • JHU awaiting implementation of mosque removal order Read more >

    JHU awaiting implementation of mosque removal order

    The JHU, a key partner in the UPFA government, says it is keeping a close watch over whether the order by prime minister D.M. Jayaratne for the removal of a mosque in the Dambulla sacred area is implemented.In a statement, JHU leader Ven. Omalpe Sobhitha Thera says certain politicians and others have made statements, challenging […]

  • APNewsBreak: UN Finds Cluster Bombs in Sri Lanka Read more >

    APNewsBreak: UN Finds Cluster Bombs in Sri Lanka

    A report from a U.N. mine removal expert says unexploded cluster munitions have been found in northern Sri Lanka, appearing to confirm, for the first time, that they were used in that country’s long civil war. The revelation is likely to increase calls for an international investigation into possible war crimes stemming from the bloody […]

  • Free Education: A letter to the President Read more >

    Free Education: A letter to the President

    An Open letter to the President Rajapaksa by the Federation of University TeachersThe accolades that Sri Lanka has received since independence for its impressive social indicators has been the result of the establishment and protection of two basic institutions: universal free health and free education services. These two sectors have enabled Sri Lanka to meet […]

  • Free media shown the door at BIA . Read more >

    Free media shown the door at BIA .

    The bulk of the independent media was prevented from covering the arrival of the six Sri Lankan fishermen who arrived at the Bandaranayake International Airport (BIA) earlier today, 10 days after they were rescued by Spanish marines from the captivity of Somali pirates. The free media was informed by a fisheries ministry official at the BIA […]

  • Muslims call prayer meeting on Dambulla Read more >

    Muslims call prayer meeting on Dambulla

    Muslims in Sri Lanka have said that the storming of the Jumma Mosque of Dambulla by a gang may negatively impact the reconciliation process among communities. The Jamiyathul Ulama has called upon Muslims to collectively hold a fast on Thursday and on Friday against the incident.The All Ceylon Jamiyathul Ulama (ACJU) , an umbrella organization […]

  • State ‘sovereignty’ important, but not unlimited Read more >

    State ‘sovereignty’ important, but not unlimited

    ”There are domestic responsibilities on human rights and there are international responsibilities on human rights that any government should adhere to. There is no escape or short cuts. Human rights are higher laws like Dhamma Thath of yore. Human rights are no longer mere ‘internal affairs.’ Neither ‘sovereignty’ nor the ‘principle of non-interference’ constitutes a […]

  • Discovering the White Van in a Troubled Democracy Read more >

    Discovering the White Van in a Troubled Democracy

    JC WeliamunaIn a country that has achieved so much in literacy, education and social development, is it not indeed unfortunate that “White Van” has frightened the entire nation? Appearance of a white van assures a disappearance of some one. If you Google or do any other internet search(or any media that is not controlled by […]

  • It is the right time for MR-UN Chief .

    UN chief Ban Ki-moon said that it is the right time for President Mahinda Rajapaksa to address the issues including rights violation in a speedy and judicious manner. In an interview with PTI, Ban has said it is important to ensure that there is accountability and the process of addressing the rights violations is ‘very transparent.’ […]

  • Mervyn Silva terrorising area

    Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha members today charged that Minister Mervyn Silva was terrorising the area after being appointed as the organiser for Kelaniya. Silva has opened a party office in the Kelaniya area, and party members say there is a presence and potential for violence stemming from the minister’s close associates.Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman Prasanna Ranaweera addressing […]

  • Demolition of Dambulla Mosque means loss of Muslim support to govt

    Latheef FarookPrime Minister D.M. Dayaratne’s order to demolish a 65 year old mosque in Dambulla and instead build a mosque in another place  strikes at the very root of religious freedom .It also shocked and hurt the island’s Muslim community. Responding to the order and expressing the community’s mood Muslim Congress Secretary and parliamentarian Hassen […]

  • Discussed 13th Amendment, says Sushma Read more >

    Discussed 13th Amendment, says Sushma

    Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj said on Tuesday that during her recent meeting with Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa she discussed devolution of powers to provinces, as envisaged in the 13th Amendment to the island nation’s Constitution. Ms. Swaraj, who led an all-party parliamentary delegation to Colombo for a first-hand […]

  • No assurance from Rajapaksa, says Sri Lankan daily Read more >

    No assurance from Rajapaksa, says Sri Lankan daily

    An English newspaper in Sri Lanka has claimed that no discussion was held regarding devolution of powers to States when a delegation of Indian MPs met President Mahinda Rajapaksa on April 21, and when he met the leader of the delegation for an unscheduled meeting on April 20.“The Sri Lankan government on Monday strongly denied […]

  • Iran expresses confidence re Dambulla mosque issue

    Iranian government has expressed confidence in the Prime Minister to resolve the controversy on the attempts to remove a mosque from a site in Dambulla. Several International and Muslim organisations had asked the government to take action to resolve the issue.  In a letter addressed to Prime Minister D. M. Jayaratne, the Iranian Ambassador in […]

  • Dicision on Mohan Peiris on 17th May

    The Court case in relation to the disappearance of Journalist Prageeth Ekneliyagoda was taken up for hearing at the Appeals Court in Colombo on April 24. The hearing opened as the Sandhya’s attorney explained the proceedings of the case held at the Magistrate Court in Homagama on March 26.  Sandhya’s attorney pointed out that he […]

  • There is a conspiracy within the govt. against the govt. – JHU

    ”He warned that the latest effort of this conspiracy was the tension caused between Buddhists and Muslims regarding the mosque that has been located within the Dambulla sacred zone. He claimed that this was a clear sign of a Muslim invasion which has been endorsed by certain people in the government whom he claimed should […]

  • SLMC wants full powers for PCS

    Amid India calling for power devolution based on the 13th Amendment, the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC), a government ally, had at its meeting with the visiting Indian delegation last week stressed the need to abolish the Concurrent List of the 13th Amendment and the embedded powers fully devolved to the provinces. The SLMC said […]

  • Though govt pledged to implement 55 recommendations at Geneva UPR in 2008 performance has not been satisfactory

    ”All these recommendations were accepted in 2008 by the government, including 55 other such recommendations which it pledged to implement. However, actual implementation has been hardly satisfactory with most government ministries not even knowing what has been promised internationally.”Jehan Perera In the aftermath of the UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva in March of […]

  • Army will be withdrawn, Rajapaksa assures MPs

    Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa had given an assurance of withdrawing the army from civilian areas at the earliest to the Indian joint parliamentary delegation, which visited the country between April 16 and 21.Virudhunagar MP Manicka Tagore, who was among the four Congress MPs from Tamil Nadu in the delegation, told reporters here on Sunday […]

  • Delivering on the LLRC Recommendations

    Kusal Perera Immediately after the Resolution on SL was adopted in Geneva a month ago, US Secretary of State issued a short media release that said the US believes, the resolution “encourages the Government of Sri Lanka to continue on the path toward reconciliation” and for the second time said, “….. and I look forward […]

  • Sri Lankan govt asks trustees to relocate mosque after 60 years

    Sri Lanka’s government has advised the trustees of a 60-year-old Muslim mosque north of the capital to relocate the structure after angry protests by Buddhist monks. Prime Minister D.M. Jayaratne reacted after demonstrations by monks and their followers on Friday triggered tension in the pilgrim town of Dambulla.“The prime minister as minister of Buddhist and […]

  • Sri Lanka to demolish mosque after monks’ protest

    Sri Lankan officials have decided to demolish a mosque and a Hindu temple under pressure from Buddhist monks who demanded their removal from a Buddhist sacred area.Ruling party lawmaker Lakshman Perera said Monday that the places of worship and other buildings will be relocated to sites outside the designated sacred zone within six months. Thousands […]

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