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  • Abuse of state resources: Polls Chief helpless ( after 18th amendment)

    Ayesha ZuhairThe Elections Commissioner is not constitutionally empowered to take action against any abuse of state resources, Deputy Elections Commissioner M.M. Mohamed said yesterday.Responding to allegations that the state media are being used to carry out propaganda work for the ruling party candidates in the run-up to Saturday’s local council elections, Mr. Mohamed said with […]

  • Death threat to Vickramabahu

    DPF mayoral candidate for Dehiwala-Mt. Lavinia Dr. Vickramabahu Karunaratne has been threatened with death. Two armed man carried out the threat this afternoon (Oct. 04), said DPF affiliate TELO’s political chief M.K. Shivajilingam.  He said a complaint has been lodged with the police chief.  Dr. Karunaratne had been travelling from his office to a meeting, when […]

  • Sri Lanka to monitor foreigners including tourists electronically

    Sri Lanka is developing a system to track and monitor foreign nationals as they enter and travel around the country, after a new online travel approval system is fully operational, an official said. Sri Lanka is starting at electronic travel authorization program at 50 dollars a person for a 30-day stay with double entry from January […]

  • Moratuwa cops erase tapes of peope’d protest

    The Moratuwa police forced a video cameraman from a private television station to erase a video recording of a protest staged outside the police station this afternoon.The video cameraman was recording the protest by relatives of a suspect who died while in police custody early this morning. The suspect was among those arrested for the […]

  • Eighth beggar clubbed to death

    A beggar was clubbed to death this morning with a sharp weapon reportedly by an unidentified mob near the seventh mile post in Kelaniya, police said. They said this was the eighth such instance where beggars had been killed in a similar fashion during the past three months.Police spokesman Maxi Proctor said the body with […]

  • Sri Lanka’s removal from Commonwealth urged in Canadian parliament

    P. Sivakumaran,  “Will the Canadian Prime Minister takes steps to urge the commonwealth to revoke Sri Lanka’s membership until it holds the perpetrators to account and they are judged in international courts? Will he support calls from the international community for action against the Sri Lankan government, asked Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis in the Canadian […]

  • Militarization of Sri Lanka by a Rajapaksised military is the Ruling Family’s desideratum

     Tisaranee Gunasekara “power without compassion, might without morality, strength without sight” -Martin Luther King (Speech on 4.4.1967)The incident is indicative of the Rajapaksas’ will to control; it also demonstrates that the spirit of resistance is still alive in Lankan society.A group of university-academics issued a statement protesting a decision by the Higher Education Ministry to […]

  • Mervyn does it again (becoming violent )

    Norman Palihawadana A member of the Dharmaloka College Kelaniya Parent-Teacher Association who had been severely critical of a lottery that the school was planning to introduce to raise funds for the college swimming pool was severely warned by Public Relations Minister Mervyn Silva.The critical comments were originally made over a private radio. The Minister visited […]

  • Sri Lankan court orders to suspend doctors’ strike

     The Colombo District Court has issued an enjoining order to suspend the token strike by Sri Lanka’s doctors’ union, Government Medical Officers� Association (GMOA), scheduled to be held for Tuesday.The court order prevents the GMOA from holding any trade union action for the next 14 days. The 7000-member GMOA has planned to hold the token […]

  • Sri Lanka buys China planes weeks after Russia helicopter deal

    China has delivered two passenger planes to boost Sri Lanka’s post-war aviation industry, the island’s air force said on Monday, as the South Asian nation seeks non-Western sources of financial assistance amid Western-led allegations of war crimes.Since the end of the war with Tamil Tigers separatists in May 2009, Russia, China and India have increased […]

  • Court summons investigators in Sudarman Radaliyagoda case

    Courts have summoned the investigating officers in the scrap iron case against ITN journalist Sudarman Radaliyagoda. Colombo additional magistrate Tikiri Jayatilake today (Oct. 03) ordered all officers, past and present, who had probed the charge against Radaliyagoda to be present on October 17.  The court was told that the investigation was first handled by Colombo Fraud […]

  • police killlings: Dompe victim’s parents seek justice

    The parents of an alleged police torture victim have called upon Sri Lankan authorities to conduct a proper investigation into the death in order to prevent any such incidents in future.29 year old Gayan Rasanga arrested by Dompe police on Thursday was found dead in custody on Friday morning.His funeral was held on Monday amidst […]

  • Sri Lanka defeated EU move at UNHRC –

    Sandasen MARASINGHEThe Sri Lankan government secured two significant victories during the recent United Nations Human Rights Council sessions in Geneva, Plantation Industries Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe said yesterday.He made this observation at a press conference at the Plantation Industries Ministry with the participation of Irrigation and Water Resources Management Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva and former […]

  • Sri Lanka defeated Canedian motion at UN HRC – Minister Samarasinghe

     Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe says Sri Lanka has been able to secure many victories by defeating the motions against the country brought through the United Nations Human Rights Council.The ability of Sri Lankan delegation to act as a group and to face the charges courageously has enabled to record this victory. The Minister at a media […]

  • ‘Released’ ex-LTTE cadres not allowed to go home with parents

    A report on BBC Tamil service says, the “1,800 rehabilitated LTTE fighters released on Friday, September 30th after having rehabilitated them with skills development”, are yet to be re-united with their parents.According to a Sri Lanka Department of Information report, “ex-LTTEers underwent a two year rehabilitation programme at 24 rehabilitation centres in the North and […]

  • TULF wants new land registration scheme stopped

     The Tamil United Liberation front has appealed to Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa to intervene and stop the scheme of registering lands in the Tamil-dominated North and East. The process is flawed and would leave most Tamils landless and homeless, it has said.“No one can succeed in collecting the required details asked for in the […]

  • Australian envoy draws ire for role in Tamil ceremony

    Daniel Flitton Ambassoder Kathy Klugman has been criticised for presenting Sri Lankan awards. A TOP Australian diplomat has handed out certificates to alleged Tamil rebels after they were put through two years of official ”rehabilitation” at camps run by the Sri Lankan government.In a move condemned by a leading international law advocate, Australia’s high commissioner to […]

  • Roshen’s family holds protests . .

    The family members of slain factory worker-Roshen Chanaka today launched a silent protest calling for more compensation and details of the report compiled by a one-man committee on the incident.The ‘Sathyagraha’ was held opposite the police station inside the Investment Promotion Zone (IPZ) at Katunayake earlier this morning. The family is also demanding Rs. Five […]

  • The Unknown Killing Fields: Looking into the Sri Lankan Civil War

    Dineke PardijsSummary executions, bodies of raped women, and families hiding from bombs in hastily dug trenches. The images shown in a recent Channel Four documentary bring back memories of tragedies such as the killing fields in Cambodia and the genocide in former Yugoslavia.But these massacres occurred just two years ago in Sri Lanka, at the […]

  • Crucial talks between TNA, Sri Lanka govt put off: Report

    The government has postponed crucial talks with Sri Lanka’s main Tamil party TNA to find a solution to the political aspirations of the minority ethnic community after the end of a three-decade civil war in May 2009.The direct talks between the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and the Sri Lankan authorities, which was scheduled for Monday, […]

  • LLRC report only in next year

    LLRC says draft-copy will not be sent CWThe Commonwealth Committee expects the report of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) to be submitted at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth, Australia later this month.However the LLRC insists the report will only be made available next month as had been previously announced and […]

  • Mr. President “You Have Been Served”

    Frederica JanszOn Friday September 30, a thirty page long complaint detailing charges against President Rajapaksa, was sent to nearly 100 media outlets in Sri Lanka and around the world by U.S. Constitutional Lawyer, Bruce Fein.President, Mahinda Rajapaksa, in the plaint is cited for extrajudicial killings under the U.S. Torture Victim’s Protection Act. Simultaneously,   Fein officially […]

  • Sri Lanka ‘defeated conspiracy at UN’

    There has been a major international conspiracy against Sri Lanka at the recently concluded UNHRC session in Geneva, the country’s delegation claims.Plantation Development Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe told journalists in Colombo that the delegation managed to thwart the conspiracy. The UN High Commissioner on Human Rights Navi Pillai, he said, tried to bring in the report […]

  • British Labour Party calls for an international commission of inquiry into war crimes allegations in Sri Lanka

    Rt. Hon Douglas Alexander MP, the British Shadow Foreign Secretary, has given the Labour Party’s full support for the establishment of an international commission to investigate the “acts of unconscionable violence” perpetrated in the final months of Sri Lanka’s armed conflict in 2009.Speaking to a packed Tamils for Labour fringe event at the Labour Party […]

  • Sri Lankans In Wikileaks

    A picture emerges from the WikiLeaks cables of a Sri Lanka where all is not as it seems. Mahinda Rajapaksa, contrary, to his caricature as a Sinhala extremist, emerges as a relative moderate, even in the eyes of an Archbishop. The cables also reveal broad awareness of human rights violations within the government and of […]

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