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136 skulls dug up from Matale mass grave

As excavations being conducted at the mass grave discovered near the Matale Hospital continue, the number of human skulls unearthed from excavations carried out so far has reached 136.
It has been reported that 142 skeletal remains have also been found and that additional teams have currently been placed to carry out further excavations.

Skulls and partial skeletons were discovered in November last year by workers building a facility at a hospital in Matale.

Excavations were carried out under a court order while no conclusive information regarding the human skulls and skeletal remains have been reported yet.

The Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology had conducted tests regarding the remains and submitted a short report, which verifies that the remains recovered from site have no archaeological significance and were buried in the recent past.

The skulls and skeletal remains have given birth to various speculations, including some theories claiming it to be the site of a “crime” during the JVP insurrection.

The skeletal remains unearthed so far have been submitted for carbon dating procedures.


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