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Mulaitivu: No Election Violence; No Military Involvement – CaFFE

(Mulaitivu – 2013 photo)

Mulaitivu Local Council Election 2015/CaFFE Interim Report-
The campaigning for Maritimepattu and Pudukuduirippu local councils, in Mullaitivu Districts, will end today (25) midnight. Police have provided adequate security to the area and there were no incidents reported during the pre – election period. Army, which was accused of campaigning in recent elections, took no part in campaigning this time around.
Until February 24, 2015 there has been no violence or aggressive campaigning. Political parties were allowed to campaign freely.

No security forces involvement

Mulaitivu district
Mulaitivu district

When elections were held in Mulaitivu in recent times, there was heavy involvement in the military. However security forces were not involved in campaigning this time around. The distribution of ballot papers was held efficiently and even those who were recently resettled or living with relatives were provided ballot papers. The distribution of ballot papers were carried out more efficiently than during January 8 presidential elections. A limited number of ballot papers were still seen in post offices and they will be allowed to collect them in the coming two days. CaFFE commends the effort taken by the postal department to distribute ballot papers, even in areas in Maritimepattu where there is no daily postal service,

Valid identity cards
CaFFE has been working in former war affected areas since 2011 in a bid to provide eligible voters with valid identity cards. CaFFE issued a large number of identity cards in Mulaitivu and we noted that the people were very enthusiastic about renewing temporary identity cards.
Although there isn’t much interest by political parties to campaign, SLMC in Maritimepattu and UNP in Welioya have fast tracked their campaigning. TNA is also carrying out a visible campaign in both local councils. The JVP has also conducted door to door campaigning in the last week.
14 candidates who handed over their nominations in 2011 have withdrawn their candidacy. Most of these are from the UPFA. According to election laws a candidate is only allowed to withdraw his candidacy after the election is held.
CaFFE hopes that the peaceful condition remains till Election Day.

Media Unit – CaFFE
Feb. 25th, 201


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