Hambantota White Projects Eat Up Economy

By Nirmala Kannangara. Multi-million rupee white-elephant mega projects in Hambantota, the constituent district of the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, are now idling and have become a massive burden to the country’s economy. Hambantota has been the focal point since Rajapaksa

Territorializing the Environment: The Political Question of Land and the Future of the Displaced in Musali South

By Sivamohan Sumathy. I have in the past few weeks attended two of Shahul Hasbullah’s excellently laid out map of the displaced in the Musali South area and the entanglement of that in a controversy of ‘environmental’ proportions, the Wilpattu

Rajapaksa’s Swansong : A comparison between Slobodan Milosevic and Mahinda Rajapaksa

Slobodan Milosevic was the President of Serbia from 1989 to 1997 and President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from 1997 to 2000. Yugoslavia was established in 1918 and in 1946 after World War II it was renamed the Federal

Alleged Assault of Domestic Helper; SC Judge May Face Arrest


The Lawyers Collective wants the judge to step downYasaratne GamageSupreme Court Judge Justice Sarath De Abrew who allegedly assaulted a domestic helper with a pistol butt may face arrest or criminal charges. According to Police Media Spokesman ASP Ruwan Gunasekara,

One More Huge Corruption of Rajapaksa Regime: Hyatt Heist!


-Initial cost of Rs. 13 b doubles due to massive mismanagement including . -Rs. 5 b EPF funds. -Former board had no formal meetings, contracts doled out with no tender procedure. -Rs. 300 m spent on H’tota Hyatt even before

Democracy in Post War Sri Lanka; Survey by Social Indicator

30 June 2015, Colombo, Sri Lanka: According to the latest ‘Democracy in Post War Sri Lanka’ survey conducted by Social Indicator, the survey research unit of the Centre for Policy Alternatives, divisions between people’s opinions on key issues still persist.

Sri Lanka President Dashes Rajapaksa PM Hopes; Mahinda to Go it Alone


ECONOMYNEXT – President Maithripala Sirisena today ruled out granting nominations to former strongman Mahinda Rajapaksa to contest as a prime ministerial candidate at up coming general elections. President Sirisena in a special announcement broadcast over state television, rejected opposition-initiated reports

Ruki Fernando’s Travel Ban Removed but Gag Order Continue

Ruki fernando

( Ruki Fernando © s.desshapriya) The travel ban imposed by the former Rajapaksa regime against the Human Rights and civil society activist Ruki Fernando has been removed today the 30th but the media censorship is still reports to be in

Travel Restrictions Removed: An E mail From Ruki Fernando

ruki s

After more than 15 long months, the overseas travel restriction imposed on me at request of TID in March 2014 was removed today, by the Colombo Magistrate Courts, after motion filed in courts today. This was preceded by a written

We will Protect Mahinda, Gota, Fonseka From War Crime Probe: UNP


Seeking support from all the communities in the country to form a new government, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s United National Party (UNP) on Monday reiterated that it would not allow any international war crime probe against former president Mahinda Rajapaksa,

Journalists Removed From Jaffna Public Consultation on Resettlement

CIqEUpTUkAA9Amj.jpg large

Journalists were forced out from a public consultative meeting about resettlement at the Jaffna District Secretariat on Monday. Despite being invited to a public consultation with Sri Lankan minister for resettlement, D. M. Swaminathan, journalists were told to leave the

Sri Lanka’s War Is Long Over, But Reconciliation Remains Elusive

by Julie McCarthy. Mannar, in northern Sri Lanka, is a fishing village where ethnic Tamils live. The country’s long civil war ended in 2009, but many in the village say there will not be reconciliation until there’s an accounting of

Design Election Manifestos for Post-Election Problem Solving

Press release. The dissolution of Parliament became necessary due to the political deadlock between the government and opposition.  The UNP-led government appointed by President Maithripala Sirisena was unable to get through the necessary legislation to govern effectively.  The president was

Report: Suppression of dissent in Sri Lanka ( May 2015)

Summary: Incidents related to repression of dissent continued to be reported under the Sirisena Presidency, despite a general feeling of having more freedom than under the Rajapakse presidency. In mid May 2015, Police obtained court orders to prevent remembrance events

the 19th Amendment and the Future of Sri Lanka – Prof. Savitri Goonesekere


Excellencies of the diplomatic community, Mr Abeykoon, Secretary to the President, officials of the Presidential Secretariat, ladies and gentleman, It may sound as if I am repeating what has already been said when I say that I share the sentiments

Sri Lanka: War Widows Forced to Do Sexual Favours


War widows in the north are being forced to agree to sexual favours as they struggle to find jobs, the AFP news agency reported. Widows left behind say they feel vulnerable, with reports of physical abuse by members of their

Pre-election Political Opinion Poll: People Upbeat Under MS-RW Rule


Country now more free . Media more free . Rule of Law better . Sinhalese least upbeat. Minorities satisfied . Most know little of 19th Amendment. As the country moves towards parliamentary elections in August, the latest political opinion poll

Ghosts Of War Give Way to Development in Sri Lanka

By Amantha Perera      This bullet-pocked building, located in the Pallai area some 35 km south of Sri Lanka’s northern Jaffna town, stands in contrast to the newly paved road, freshly laid rail tracks and modern buildings cropping up

USA Country Reports on Human Rights Practice: Sri Lanka Section

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY . Sri Lanka is a constitutional, multi-party republic. Votes re-elected President Mahinda Rajapaksa to a second six-year term in 2010. Parliament, elected in 2010, shares constitutional power with the president. President Rajapaksa’s family dominated government. Two of President

Dissolved; Parliamentary Polls on August 17


Nominations to be called from July 6 to 13. Ending weeks of speculation, President Maithripala Sirisena dissolved Parliament last night. Sources from the President’s Office said President Sirisena signed the gazette notification with regard to dissolution of Parliament last night.

US Report Slams Lanka’s Rights Record Last Year


Several human rights violations had taken place last year in Sri Lanka , according to the annual human rights report of the US State Department released on 25th June 2015. The Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2014 noted

Recommendations Of ‘Welikada Prison Riot’ Probe Committee Released [full text]


The report of the three-member committee appointed to probe the Welikada Prison riots which occurred on November 09 in 2012, has released to media today (25) From the report the committee has recommended a payment of compensation to the families

Anti Muslim Sentiment in Sri Lanka: Hate Incidents – January to April 2015

Overview. The outcome of the presidential election of January 2015 created expectations of change, hope and reform among considerable sections of Sri Lankan society. For Muslim communities, who played a pivotal role in the election, the change in Government was

Statement by LTTE Leader Pulithevan’s Wife at UNHRC 29, Side Event

Side event on 25 June hrc 29

( Ms Kurunchi – Member of Liberation Tamil Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) Civil Administration and wife of LTTE Chief Peace Secretariat in the middle, image © S.Deshapriya) I am the wife of Pulithevan who was the peace secretariat for

Sri Lanka Says War Crimes Probe Delayed by Elections


AFP. Sri Lanka’s proposed war crimes investigation has been delayed by several months until September as the government focuses on impending parliamentary elections, Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera said Wednesday. Samaraweera said he hoped the composition of the investigating team along

Hakeem Drops a Bombshell : “Kitchen Cabinet Running Country”


“Group led by a minister aspiring to be President” Urban Development Minister Rauff Hakeem yesterday said in Parliament that there was a dictatorship of a small group within the Cabinet of Ministers that prevails against minor and minority parties. Participating

Navy Commander Karannagoda Aware of ‘Navy Abductions’


( Commander Karannagoda ) CID tells Magistrate’s CourtRoshan Thushara Former Navy Commander Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda was aware of the abductions of children by commandos of the Sri Lanka Navy. Sub Inspector Nishantha Silva of the CID told Colombo Chief Magistrate

President’s Dilemma About Dissolving Parliament – Jehan Perera


The demand for the dissolution of parliament is getting increasingly compelling. Civil society leaders, such as the Ven Maduluwave Sobitha, who led the movement for good governance during the presidential elections have come out strongly to insist that President Maithripala

Permanent Committee on Media – Polls Chief


The Elections Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya has decided to appoint a permanent representative committee to make decisions on the activities of media during all elections to be held in the future. Deputy Head of the Media Division of the Elections Department

The Chairman of the Bribery Commission Must Go


Dr A.C.Visvalingam Most readers would undoubtedly be aware that, other than in respect of routine administrative matters, no outsider should ask a Commissioner or employee of an Independent Commission to discuss with him matters relating to the work being carried