A Power Sharing Arrangement Between ‘President Sirisena & PM Wikremasinghe’ Envisaged


[Mangala Samaraweera: There will be no executive prime minister] The Memorandum of  Understanding (moU) between the common candidate Maithripala Sirisena and  supporting political parties will be singed on next Monday the 1st  Mangala Samaaweera (MP) told media today. The signing

Hard Line BBS Ensures Total Muslim Support to Opposition Candidate


[BBS responsible for anti-Muslim riots in Aluthgama] By publicly alining with Rajapaksa regime the anti- Muslim hard line Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) has delivered  that total Muslim vote bank to Opposition common candidate Maithripala Senanayaka. Today at a news conference

Fourth Shooting Incident Reported From Kandy – UNP MP Office Shot At


[ Shots were fired at the office of UNP MP MMA Halim, CaFFE photo] Shots were fired at the office of UNP MP MMA Halim, at Mawilmada, Kandy, in the early hours of November 25. The windows and walls of

Rajapaksa Family Accounts For 56% of Expenditure:


[Out of nearly 100 ministers only  Rajapaksa family gets the lion’s share] UNP National List lawmaker Eran Wickremaratne slammed the Government’s 2015 Budget, saying it was not worth the paper it was written on, after the UPFA moved drastic amendments

Suppression of Remembrance: University Closed; Military Patrol Increased; Arrests Made; Party Office Blocked


[Increased military deployment in Jaffna; Tamilnet photo] Once again the Sri Lankan Military has stepped up its suppression in Tamil areas especially in Jaffna to block any public remembrance of the war dead on 27th November. 27th November was named

Sri Lanka: We Have Plundered Enough – Minister Amaraweera


Presenting an interesting political theory, Disaster Management Minister Mahinda Amaraweera yesterday said voters must not topple this government as chances are minimum for corruption among UPFA members as they may have amassed ill lucre enough by now and if the

Rajapaksa Election Campaign “Blessed” By Pope Francis


Catholics have expressed their dismay at the use of a photograph of Pope Francis in the election campaign of Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa. Posters displaying Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa’s photograph have been pasted throughout the country and in areas where Catholics live

Sri Lanka Election Monitors & EC Urge End To Poll Violence


[ An destroyed opposition election office during the recently concluded Uva PC election] Sri Lanka’s elections chief and pro-democracy activists on Tuesday urged police to stem a spate of campaign-related violence that has flared since President Mahinda Rajapakse declared his

Sri Lanka: Editors of Censored CP Newspaper Launch New Left Paper

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[Sri Lanka media landscape is dominated by pro establishment mainstream press] Since the Communist party of Sri Lanka has blocked the distribution of newspaper Aththa (Truth) due to its critical content, the former editors of Aththa newspaper (3rd July 2013

Sri Lanka: UN Special Rapporteur On Minority Issues On BBS, Sexual Violence And Lessons Learned


[Rita Izsák,UN photo] In her annual report to the UN General Assembly, the Special Rapporteur on minority issues, Rita Izsák has spoken on  systematic sexual and other violence women has faced during the conflict in Sri Lanka, promotion of extremist

Sri Lanka Catholics, Election Monitors Condemn Use Of Pope’s Image On Election Post


An election monitoring body and Catholic leaders in Sri Lanka have condemned the use of Pope Francis’ image on campaign posters featuring President Mahinda Rajapaksa and called for their removal from public spaces. “The president has already used the Pope’s

Sri Lanka: Good Governance Discourse Must Include Concerns Of Ethnic And Religious Minorities


[Voting in Jaffna;  AFP photo] Welcoming the declarations by the opposition political parties that they will institute reforms with regard to good governance if they obtain victory at the forthcoming presidential elections the National Peace Council (NPC)  emphasises   that

Rajapaksa’s Theory Of Files On Others Is A Deliberate Attack On Country Itself


Sri Lanka: Mr. President, We Have Your Files Too By Nilantha Ilangamuwa- Dear Mr. President we are no longer a nation based on the ideology of the cancer cell which, as Edward Abbey, a priceless man of our times who

More than 1000 Unauthorised Rajapaksa Cut-outs In Colombo Municipal Area


Campaign for Free and Fair Elections (CaFFE) has written  to the Mayor of Colombo today (25 Nov) morning, requesting him to take immediate action regarding the display of 1800 election hoardings in CMC property without paying fees. Attached herewith is

UK Condemns The LTTE As A Brutal Terror Organisation, House Of Loards Told


[Black tiger  commandos with LTTE leader Velupillai Prabaharan: LTTE photo ] House of Lords of the United Kingdom was told that the ‘UK condemns the Tamil Tigers as a brutal terror organisation’, ‘it remains proscribed under UK law’ and recent

JVP To Build Broadest Mediation To Defeat The Despotic Rajapaksa Regime


The broadest mediation to defeat despotic administration and to build a broad people’s movement that will continue beyond the day the presidential election is held that would rally all peoples is the programme of the JVP regarding the presidential election

Street Protest ‘Campaign Against Rage’ To Be Launched In Colombo


For life against the rage’ a civil society campaign set go around the country making streets their platform. 73 national and local level civil society groups have come together under the slogan. The campaign intend to visit 12 districts in

1/3 World Populaion Is Online & Internet Access Should Be A Human Right


[An estimated one third of the world’s population (or 2.3 billion people) is online (AFP Photo/Frederic J. Brown)] Ottawa (AFP) – Affordable access to the Internet should be a human right, as it represents hope for political freedom and economic

Death Threats Against Jaffna University Teacher, Students ‘For Reviving LTTE’


Suspected Sri Lankan military intelligence operatives on Monday have threatened to kill the Jaffna University Teachers’ Association President and four students, accusing them of “reviving the Tamil Tiger rebels”. According to university sources, several hand-written posters in Tamil slang were

Houses of UNP Supporters Shot At In Madampe


[ Glass windows after the gun shots] Campaign for Free and Fair Election (CaFFE) has stated that pre-election period of 2015 Presidential Election is getting increasingly violent as shots were fired two houses in Madampe, Puttalam last night. The house

A Cuban Doctor Infected With Ebola Arrived in Geneva for Treatment


[The patient was transferred to Geneva University Hospital (Keystone)] A Cuban doctor infected with the Ebola virus in West Africa has arrived in Geneva for treatment. The 43-year-old man landed in the Swiss city late on Thursday night, the Swiss

“No Fire Zone,” Wins One of Five BRITDOC Impact Awards


[ From the No Fire Zone} “No Fire Zone,” a Pulitzer Center-supported film wins one of five BRITDOC Impact Awards. “No Fire Zone” reveals the shocking proof of secret war crimes committed during the final bloody months of the Sri

Free Media Expresses Concern; Journalists Question About Blocking of Sirasa’s Satana


Numerous complaints were received from our viewers on Saturday evening, regarding disruptions of Sirasa TV, Shakthi TV and MTV Sports, which come under MTV Channel Private Limited, on PEO TV and Dialog TV. The disruptions were experienced while preparations were

Five Years After The War Land Problems Not Resolved In The East


By Waruni Karunarathne- The country has walked five years down the lane after the end of the war. Muslims in the Eastern Province still complain that resettlement and land issues prevail in the area even though the government claims to

Good Governance Can Oust Nationalism As Central Issue


[Athuraliye Rathana thero in the forefront of JHU Good Governance initiative] By Dr Jehan Perera- The decision of the JHU to oppose President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s bid to be re-elected for a third term has the potential to be the defining

Lasantha, Sivaram, Nimalarajan: End Impunity for Journalists Killers -FMM


On 23rd November 2014 Free Media Movement of Sri Lanka joined the international  campaign to end impunity for journalists killed all over the world. FMM used social media to launch its campaign. FMM tweets are here. Killed! Mylvaganam Nimalarajan  Jaffna

Amid Polls Fever, Over Hundred Police Officers Transferred


Questions raised as to who gave the orders; opposition sees political motives More than one hundred police officers, including officers in charge of stations, were suddenly moved out ahead of nominations for the January 8 presidential election – while questions

Mathripala Sirisena: A Historical Moment that Galvanised the Opposition


[Special kudos must go to former President Chandrika Kumaratunga and UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe] by Rajan Philips- The defection of Mr. Maithripala Sirisena, the Minister of Health and the SLFP General Secretary, from the Rajapaksa government is historic and momentous

Chile Colonels Jailed For Torturing President Bachelet’s Father


[Michele Bachelet at the UN Security Council; Pesident Bachelet was arrested and forced into exile after the death of her father] Two retired Chilean colonels have been jailed for repeatedly torturing the father of President Michelle Bachelet in 1973. General

After Unleashing Violence Authorities Censor Opposition TV Programme


After violence directed towards supporters of the Common opposition candidate Maithripala Senanayaka yesterday, authorities blocked TV interview with him on Cable and Pro TV channels this evening.   Lanka Herald site reported that Several channels of a private electronic media