Sri Lanka and its Democratic Revolution: The Constitutional Challenge of Unity and Diversity

The results of Sri Lanka’s parliamentary election on 17 August can be seen as an endorsement of recent reforms to limit the powers of the executive presidency and strengthen democratic governance. But Asanga Welikala stresses that the political difficulties ahead

R Sampanthan Appointed Opposition Leader


(R Sampanthan) Speaker Karu Jayasuriya named TNA leader R. Sampanthan as the Opposition Leader of the Eighth Parliament of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. There was a debate on the post of opposition leader since both the TNA

The Forever Victims? Tamil Women in Post-War Sri Lanka

militarization on Tamil women’s lives in Sri Lanka. Based on over fifty interviews in the former conflict zone, we uncovered a very disturbing dynamic, in which efforts to protect women from sexual violence end up undermining their political and economic

Jeyakumary Remanded Today (2nd Sep) Morning


Jeyakumary was issued a second arrest warrant by the Weli-Oya Police last night (01st). The police have then told her to report to the Magistrate Court (MC) today (02nd) with a Surety. When she had returned to the Kebithigollewa MC

Is the US Backtracking on Sri Lanka’s Post-war Accountability Process?


( Malinowksi in Coombo ) by Mark Salter 1 September 2015. Has the US actually changed its commitment to see international involvement in the post-war reconciliation process? Maybe. But many in the minority communities hope not, and they might just

Northern Province Council Passes Resolution Calling for an International Investigation

C.V. Vigneshwarna Sri Lanka Brief/PUCL

( NPC Chief Minster Vigneshwaran taking a hard line) The Northern Province Council has passed a resolution calling for an international investigation at the NPC session held today 1 September 2015. The resolution passed read as follows: Acknowledging the long

Sampanthan TNA’s Parliamentary Group Leader, Sumanthiran Spokesman


The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Parliamentary Group convened today (1st Sep 2015). Hon. R. Sampanthan was elected as the TNA’s Parliamentary Group Leader at this meeting. It was also decided that Hon. Sampanthan should be appointed as the Leader of

Roadmap to Reconciliation: 4 Post-election Challenges for Sri Lanka

These are critical times for Sri Lanka. This week the country completed its second round of elections this year. A coalition led by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe scored a narrow victory. By contrast, presidential elections held in January ended in

Sri Lanka: The Accountability Process is Already Underway – Mangala Samaraweera


Following the Parliamentary election last week and the victory of the United National Front for Good Governance led by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, the new Parliament as you know will convene on the 1st of September, next Tuesday. The Cabinet,

Sri Lanka: Wasim Thajudeen Killing; Three ex-PSD Officers Traced


(Gotabaya Rajapaksa allegedly ran death squads when he was defence minister,Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/ Reuters) Sri Lankan living in UK also linked to ‘conspiracy’, JMO report on Sept 10: Arrests to begin within two weeks. Three ex-PSD officers – who have been

Will New Sri Lankan Government Prioritize Resettlement of War-Displaced?

By Amantha Perera   (Despite six years of peace, life is still hard in areas where Sri Lanka's war was at its worst, especially for internally displaced people (IDPs). Credit: Amantha Perera/IPS) JAFFNA, Sri Lanka, Aug 30 2015 (IPS) -

Why the Poor JVP Showing ? A Variegated Analysis of Electoral Performance. by Kumar Davd


Many, this correspondent included, expected the JVP to poll well and win 10 to 15 parliamentary seats – some people said 20+ even when they were sober! On votes, yes expectations have been borne out (544,000, its second highest since

Accountability is Not Limited to a Majority-Minority Dynamic – Kishali Pinto Jayawardane

With the September 2015 report of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) referencing war-time accountability of Sri Lanka’s political and military command looming nearer, the question which we need to ask is quite simple. Recognising the systemic problem As

President Srisena Does Not Want to See Media In-front of His Residence


The  Sunday Times reports that Dharmashri Bandara Ekanayaka, Senior Director of the Presidential Media Unit, has sent a missive to media institutions saying that the President has  requested him to inform media personnel to refrain from carrying out recordings in

UNHRC: US, Lanka Adopt ‘Collaborative Approach’

UNHRC © s.deshapriya

Sri Lanka has agreed with the United States to adopt a “collaborative approach” with regard to a resolution at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) sessions next month but there is still no text. Work on a draft document is

No Domestic Mechanism or Inquiry Can Result in Genuine Accountability in Sri Lanka – TNPF


Issuing a policy statement today the Tamil National People’s Front’s (TNPF) said that ‘no internal / domestic mechanism or inquiry can result in genuine prosecutions against the Sri Lankan Army, Police and members of its political class. To hold an

UK Says Fully Committed to UN Process, Follow-up Action War Crimes Probe


The British government yesterday said that its position vis-a-vis the investigation undertaken by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) into alleged war crimes accusations hadn’t changed. The British HC in Colombo was responding to a query

TNA Should be Given the Opposition Leadership, in Accordance with Parliamentary Practice and Convention – TNA

TNA & Sampanthan

( TNA leader Sampanthan: Will TNA be given its due place in the parliament) Press statement. At the General Election held on the 17th of August 2015, the United National Party (UNP) emerged as the party with the largest number

Sri Lanka Paid US $6.5 million to Lobby Firm in 2014


The photographs, posted to social media sites like Facebook and Google Plus, are his calling card. Bumping fists with President Barack Obama in front of a Christmas tree at a White House reception. Imaad Zuberi, age 45, is a private

SL Govt Presents Domestic Inquiry Mechanism to Biswal ; Will be Based on Restorative Justice


President to head new ministry for ‘integration and reconciliation’. US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Nisha Biswal at a press conference as Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera looks on. AFP The Sri Lankan government has presented the

“TNA will Accept Domestic Investigation if it has International Participation”- M. A. Sumanthiran


By P.K.Balachandran. The US Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia, Nisha Biswal, has said that the US will be moving a resolution on human rights and war crimes in Sri Lanka at the September session of the United Nations

Sri Lanka’s Tangled Democracy; Primed for Progress in Colombo?

By Taylor Dibbert. Sri Lanka’s parliamentary election is over, and the results are in. By capturing 45.7 percent of the votes and 106 seats in a vote held on August 17, the United National Party (UNP) has narrowly won. This

In Shift, US Backs Sri Lanka’s Own War Crimes Probe


( War zone after the war’s end) COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) — The United States said Wednesday that it wants to sponsor a resolution at next month’s U.N. human rights session that is supportive of Sri Lanka’s government, which wants

Sri Lanka: A Captain Reveals to the Courts; Torture and Murder chamber at Giritale Army Camp


(Sri Lanka Army logo) A torture chamber and a murder chamber had been in operation at the Giritale security camp under the direct administration of  Gotabaya Rajapakse, the  ex defense secretary of the former lawless Mahinda Rajapakse reign, the CID

Rights, War Crimes Absent in US Remarks on Sri Lanka


( Waiting for the justice: Tamils want to know about their disappeared) ECONOMYNEXT – Two top US diplomats who became the first foreign dignitaries to hold talks with Colombo after since last week’s elections, signalled a softening of Washington’s policy

Sri Lanka: Fuss over National Lists warranted or not? Governing Requires Balance and Compromise

 by Rohan Samaragiva. An unnecessary fuss is being made about the National List. Hopefully, the evidence presented below will reduce the temperature a little. Article 99A of the Constitution clearly permits what all three parties have done: appoint defeated candidates

U.S. Promises to Stand by Sri Lanka and Support the Government’s Forward-looking Agenda


( Tom Malinowski addressing a media briefing in Colombo) The United States will standby Sri Lanka and support the new government to continue its forward looking agenda for the progress, a top U.S. official said today. Tuesday, after a meeting

Unique Opportunity to Address Issues of Governance – NPC

The outcome of the General Election held on August 17, and the victory secured by the United National Front for Good Governance led by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe paves the way for democratic transition to take place in two key

US$1 Million to Assist Sampur IDP Resettlement


( Sampur IDPs) The United States has decided to provide $1 million to support resettlement efforts in Sampur as part of its continuing commitment to strengthen Sri Lanka’s peace and development. The US Embassy in Colombo said that as President

Missing Persons Commission: Second Interim Report to MS on Friday

Side event on 25 June hrc 29

( Waiting for justice: Family members of missing Tamils speaking at a UNHRC side event) The second interim report of the Presidential Commission to Inquire into Complaints on Missing Persons will be handed over to President Maithripala Sirisena on Friday,