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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

V.T Thamilmaran

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Prof. V.T Thamilmaran on Swiss Kumar, Accountability & TNA politics

Colombo Law Faculty Dean V.T Thamilmaran said, the Police are responsible to probe and place the truth before people; how one of the rape...
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Sri Lanka: New category of traitor

Image: Recently the public was shocked to see a man being caught by villagers, swathed in polythene. The COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges for...
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Bleak economy, market mafia and militarised rule – Dr. Ameer Ali

There is no gainsaying that the economy is in dire straits. Although the Budget submitted to the Parliament glossed over the gravity of confronting...

Sri Lanka police want to keep persons suspected of terrorism in their custody for a year, without bail & judicial overview!

The power to issue detention orders for suspects arrested on terrorism-related activities should be given to a Deputy Inspector of Police instead of a...

Sri Lanka: Rs. 60,000 charged for “coffin and ash” of cremated of Muslim victims of Covid 19

Image: A FaceBook post by Sri Lanka's Minister of Justice which says mandatory cremation of Muslim Covid victims is absurd.  In a series of tweets,...