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  • Legal Recognition for Sex Workers in Sri Lanka?

    By Hasini Weerasinghe. The demand for sex workers is overlooked; laws would protect sex workers from violence and harassment  Despite the reluctance to openly discuss this subject, is evident that sex workers are abundant in contemporary Sri Lanka. Although they are condemned in terms of cultural and religious aspects, their existence cannot be denied. No […]

  • Sri Lanka, Let’s Not Talk about Sex

    Pre-marital sex is considered taboo by a Sri Lankan society that is deeply entrenched in cultural norms and values. Let’s face it – the older generation (inclusive of our parents) considers sexual relations are only for married people and even if they did not, they would like to believe that young people are not sexually […]

  • Ratnapura Cop ( Who Assaulted a Sex Worker) Reinstated Read more >

    Ratnapura Cop ( Who Assaulted a Sex Worker) Reinstated

    The police sergeant, Prasanna Tissera, charged with assaulting a woman named ‘Batti’, opposite the Ratnapura Main Bus Terminal, has been reinstated since yesterday (12) on the orders of the Sabaragamuwa Province Senior DIG. The said sergeant has been transferred from Ratnapura to the Awissawella Police. Two police teams investigated the assault whilst taking statements from […]

  • Why Sri Lanka Needs a Sexual Revolution Read more >

    Why Sri Lanka Needs a Sexual Revolution

    The plight of a sex worker in Ratnapura, who was assaulted by a cop in public and now has her mother remanded over trumped up charges of prostitution is microscopic of the evils that beset Sri Lankan society.When the victim complained, the police refused to press charges against their ilk and tried to bribe the […]

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