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Monday, November 30, 2020

Burka ban

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Sri Lanka’s Veil Ban Is Fueling Hate: Muslim women obeying new rules are still being assaulted and harassed.

Image: Sri Lankan protesters hold placards at a demonstration in Colombo on May 21, 2019. ISHARA S. KODIKARA/AFP/GETTY IMAGES. On May 8, when the 47-year-old Nazia Naseer...
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Sri Lanka police want to keep persons suspected of terrorism in their custody for a year, without bail & judicial overview!

The power to issue detention orders for suspects arrested on terrorism-related activities should be given to a Deputy Inspector of Police instead of a...
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Sri Lanka: Rs. 60,000 charged for “coffin and ash” of cremated of Muslim victims of Covid 19

Image: A FaceBook post by Sri Lanka's Minister of Justice which says mandatory cremation of Muslim Covid victims is absurd.  In a series of tweets,...

“Write a letter to India and leave Indo-Lanka agreement, if you dare” – Sumanthiran challenges Sri Lanka FM

The Minister of Foreign Affairs is an experienced parliamentarian and able person and I’m glad to discuss a few matters with regard to Sri...

Sri Lankan police arrest 19 and mark further 55 for posting Prabhakaran birthday messages

Cropped photo from the original by Sindu S Sri Lankan police across Batticaloa have arrested 19 people for allegedly posting birthday wishes online for Liberation...