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    Portuguese Burghers in Sri Lanka

    1. “We have only a few hundred families in our population. I think across both Batticaloa and Trincomalee, we’d number about 13000 people – the Portuguese Burghers. Very few in our community went abroad during the war. Despite all the difficulties, we wanted to stay back. For nearly 500 years, we have preserved a unique […]

  • The Tale of Two Cities by the Lagoon – Batticaloa & Venice

    By B. Nimal Veerasingham. Growing up barley a few hundred yards away from the meandering and mesmerizing Batticaloa lagoon had its magical moments. The swilling frothy waves dancing in the sun rays, and gently touching the sandy shores were a sight that never fades from memory. The mangroves, prawns, jelly fish, green algae, and the […]

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